ADPNA Meeting Dates for 2016
Thursday January 21 @ the Field House
Thursday February 18th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Wednesday March 17th @ 1400 hrs Meeting B'wtr Legion
Friday April 15th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday  May 19st @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday  June 16th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
July and August no meeting,

Thursday  Sept, 15th @ 1400 hrs Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday Oct 20th @ 1400 hrs Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday   17th NOV. @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
(Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance)  26 Nov 2016
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2016 Payment Dates & Automatic Deposit
Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan payments are
automatically deposited into bank accounts in Canada and the  
States on the following dates:
(DND Cheques usually in Bank 3 working days before end of month)
January,  27th
February,  25th
March,  29th
April,  27th
May,  27th
June,  28th
July,  27th
August, 29th
September, 28th
October,  26th
November,  28th
December,  CPP & OAS
December,  (DND)
Give a Shipmate a phone call and let them
know what is going on with ADPNA. They
will be glad you called & to know you care
For Shipmates that do not use the web

Veterans' Memorial Park
Bridgewater Nova Scotia
Roger Purnell
Chairman, Veterans' memorial Park Committee
Click on
Photo by
Al Cox
2014 Battle of Atlantic
Mess Dinner
Click here to view the Photos
received from shipmates
Shipmates_ Our National President Blaine Barker has
requested that we give this open letter from the Legion, the
broadest distribution as we are able.
Just click this notice to read and act upon the request
the link opens a pdf document.
The Royal Canadian Legion Action Following
Minister VAC Response to ACVA Report
Battle of the Atlantic Mess Dinner 25 April 2015
Click for Photos
ADPNA Guests Royal Naval Association Veterans from Londonderry,
N. Ireland
Meet and Greet at 1700
This was the 30th Anniversary of the
Admiral Desmond Piers Naval Association
30th ADPNA Reunion click for photos
Notice_Public Service Health Care Plan
Click to read
1 July 2015 Canada Day
BBQ at the home of Merlin and Violet Strong
Click the Flag for Photo's of the BBQ

S/M Merle Strong and wife Violet and S/M Richard Moss and wife Anne will be hosting.
1 May 2016
The Battle of The
Atlantic parade in
Shipmates: Click the
Anchor for photos

Ready aye

L.R. Verne Lunan,
Attached is a list of upcoming Events the ADPNA is either hosting or will be participating in this Summer.

We will be holding our next Veteran's Unit Bingo at the Fisherman's Memorial Hospital, Lunenburg on Wednesday 07 September at 1400hrs.
Thanks Shipmates, the bingo was a success and the Veterans in the unit had a great time.

*Tuesday 26 July 2016 – Big Ex Parade – Bridgewater NS "Klick this Anchor to  see the photos"

* Saturday 13 August 2016 - Western Shore Parade                Click the hand to see the pictures
Meeting at the Western Shore Legion Parking Lot, 6582 Hwy 3 at 1230hrs to decorate the truck(s) and Trailer(s). Bring a
lawn chair for yourself to sit on the trailer. Summer Dress with Berets.

Saturday 20 August 2016 – ADPNA Summer Banyan at 1300hrs "Rain Date 27 August"
Merle Strong’s Residence – 982 Camperdown School Road, Camperdown NS
Phone: 902-543-5846 – Contact Merle or Richard Moss (902-527-1221) to see what you can bring for the Event. Map being
emailed out and also will be posted on our website. Casual Dress.
  Click the apple to see the pictures of the BBQ.