ADPNA Meeting Dates for 2014
Thursday January 16th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday February 20th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Wednesday March 19th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday April 17th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday  May 15th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday  June 19th @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
July and August no meeting,
Thursday  Sept, 18th @ 1400 hrs Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday   16th Oct. @ 1400 hrs  Meeting B'wtr Legion
Thursday  20th Nov. @ 1400 hrs Meeting B'wtr Legion
(Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance)
Fri. 12th December
December ___No meeting will be held in Dec.
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2014 Payment Dates & Automatic Deposit
Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan payments are
automatically deposited into bank accounts in Canada and the  
States on the following dates:
(DND Cheques usually in Bank 3 working days before end of month)
January, Wed 29th
February, Wed 26th
March, Thu 27th
April, Mon 28th
May, Wed 28th
June, Thu 26th
July, Tue 29th
August, Thu 27th
September, Fri 26th
October, Wed 29th
November, Wed 26th
December, Thur 19th CPP & OAS
December, Mon 29th (DND)
Give a Shipmate a phone call and let them
know what is going on with ADPNA. They
will be glad you called & to know you care
For Shipmates that do not use the web
Click the Anchor to go to
the National Web site

Veterans' Memorial Park
Bridgewater Nova Scotia
Roger Purnell
Chairman, Veterans' memorial Park Committee
Click on
Photo by
Al Cox
2014 Battle of Atlantic
Mess Dinner
Click here to view the
received from shipmates
If coming into Bridgewater on Hwy 103 take Exit 12 to Hwy 10 towards New
Go to the traffic lights by Boston Pizza and turn right onto Pinegrove Road.
Follow Pinegrove Road until it ends at Northfield Road. Turn Left and follow
Northfield Road
to Steve's. Look for Steve's Iron Works sign on left side of the road. 1223
Northfield Road.  
Steve's phone # is 624-8677. My cell is 541-0435.
We will have a sign at the driveway as well.
For those of you who can make it, see you there. For Shipmates who can
not, we'll have a tot for you.

L.R. Verne Lunan, President
902 - 543-5826
Shipmates_ Our National President Blaine Barker has
requested that we give this open letter from the Legion, the
broadest distribution as we are able.
Just click this notice to read and act upon the request
the link opens a pdf document.
The Royal Canadian Legion Action Following
Minister VAC Response to ACVA Report

•        01 Nov. 2014 - Tribute to Veterans at the Astro Theatre in Liverpool NS Admission $10.00.
      The Suggested Dress is #1’s and Medals but not compulsory

06 Nov. 2014 - Shipmates to attend Maple Grove Memorial Club Service.
      Carpooling from Bridgewater Legion leaving at 0900hrs

07 Nov. 2014 - Shipmates to attend Bridgewater High School at 1030hrs.  Dress #1’s and Medals    

 09 Nov. 2014 - Middlewood United Church will hold their Remembrance Service on this Sunday at 1100hrs.  
Shipmates welcome and should be at the Church by 1030hrs. Middlewood United Church can be found right off Highway
103 just past (west of) Exit 16. Dress #1’s and Medals

11Nov. 2014 – Remembrance Day Services – This Year the ADPNA will be placing wreath’s at Bridgewater,
Lunenburg and Chester. At Chester we will be placing wreaths at both Cenotaph and The Admiral’s Monument.
Shipmates are needed for placing Wreaths at Lunenburg and Chester. Please contact S/M Lunan at 902 – 543-5826 or
email at: if you can help with Lunenburg or Chester. For Bridgewater be at the Legion at 1000hrs.
Parade will muster at 1015hrs. Transportation is available for Shipmates who cannot join the Parade.
Dress #1’s and Medals    

12 Dec. 2014 - The ADPNA’s Christmas Dinner and Dance on Friday 12 December 2014 at the Bridgewater
Legion, 78 Churchill Street Bridgewater, NS.  Tickets are $25.00 per person and are available from S/M Ivan Foote at
902 – 530-2246 or email: and also at our 20 November General meeting on.  
Time - 17:30 Cocktail Hour, 19:00 Hands to Dinner. O/C Dance Dress Casual