2010 Winter (Feb)
We are "The Admiral Desmond
Piers Naval Association"
is a Chartered Member of the
Royal Canadian Naval  
Association (RCNA,) a National
Body with branches across
Canada. The ADPNA is
Incorporated as a Society under
the Nova Scotia Societies Act
with the Registry of Joint Stock
Companies, Nova Scotia

Any person of good character who has had: (a)
service in or is presently serving in the Royal
Canadian Navy, The Canadian Forces (sea
element), The Women's Royal Canadian Naval
Service, or their Reserves or Auxiliaries, or their
equivalent counterparts in the service of the
Commonwealth of Nations. (b) Service in or is
presently serving in the Canadian Merchant
Marine, The Canadian Coast Guard or
equivalent counterparts in the service of the
Commonwealth of Nations.

Any person of good character who has had
service in or is presently serving in forces other
than Naval forces of Canada or the
Commonwealth of Nations.

Any person who accepts and supports the aims
and objectives of the ADPNA.

Full/Affiliate/Associate, $20.00 first year, $15.00
thereafter (First year covers name tag purchase)
The MANDATE of the Admiral
Desmond Piers Naval Association
to maintain and encourage
comradeship, friendship and a spirit of
good fellowship among former and
serving members of the Canadian
Navy and Merchant Navy as well as
other navies and seagoing people of
the world.  In general to enjoy the
camaraderie of all Shipmates who
have salt water in their veins.

Our official
objectives are:

1. Support the National RCNA.
2. Be non-political and non-sectarian.  
3. Loyal to the reigning Sovereign and
4. Give friendship and mutual
assistance to its members.
5.  Perpetuate memories and deeds of
those who gave their lives in the Naval
and Merchant Services.
6. Offer benevolence and assistance
in welfare work amongst members and
other ex-naval personnel.
7.  Co-operate with associations with
similar objectives.
8.  Engage in lawful activities to attain
these objectives.

It was decided to achieve this by
holding regular meetings and functions
to unite these sailors and perpetuate
memories and deeds performed by
them, as well as those who gave their
lives in the Naval Services.

We are now in our 26th year, still
offering a nautical atmosphere and
good fellowship to Shipmates of the
Royal Canadian Navy and the unsung
heroes of the red duster, the Merchant
We meet at the
Royal Canadian Legion,
Branch 24
78 Churchill Street,
Scotia (South Shore)
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Shipmate Desmond Piers
1 November 2005
- o -
Shipmate Cecil Scott DEAN
1 January 2006
- o -
Shipmate Garnet (GUS) Vickers
26 January 2006.
- o -
Shipmate Gregory Pritchard
27 January 2006
- o -
Shipmate James (Jim) Tobias
17 March 2006
- o -
Shipmate Clyde Whalen
- o -
Shipmate "Bill" Ward
8 November 2006
- o -
Shipmate Alex Thorpe
February 2007
- o -
Shipmate Kenneth (Moose) Book
12 March 2007
- o -
Shipmate Einar Zakariassen
17 March 2007
- o -
Shipmate Donald "Don" MacLeod
19 June 2007
- o -
F. Stuart Mitchell
18 October 2007
- o -
Shipmate Ronald "Ron" Marsh
19 November 2007
- o -
Shipmate Fredrick McKee
2 March 2008
- o -
Shipmate Herman Hyatt
16 March 2008
- o -
Shipmate John Elliott
30 May 2008
- o -
Shipmate Clyde Smith
13 June 2008
Shipmate Edward Gale
12 August 2008
Shipmate Robert Whiteside
17 November 2008
- o -
Shipmate Lewis Pentz
26 January 2009
- 0 -
Wilford (Bill) Archer
22 February 2009
Jake Emsley
9 December 2009
Joseph (Phizz) Butler
25 January 2010

Donald Hardy
28 April 2010

Ronald E. Elliott
4 July 2010

George C. Hunt
25 July 2010

Bill Gray
3 August 2010

Cyril C. Ruth
17 Oct. 2010

Calvin F. Mayo
23 Jan 2011

Albert Scott
12 May 2011

Al Casey
29 August 2011

Max Corkum
29 August 2011

Bernard Henry Churchill
13 October 2011

Eugene "Buck" Rogers
5 January 2012

James (Jim) Stewart
14 March 2012

Robert (Scotty) Rodger
22 March 2012

The Honourable
John James Kinley
1 May 2012

James (Scotty) Scott
3 October 2012

John Hunter
19 November 2012

Gordon Brown
15 March 2013

Janet Piers
15 March 2013

John Reid
14 Nov. 2013

Daniel Fowler
5 Feb. 2014

Bradley Boyd
13 Feb. 2014

Richard Logan
21 May 2014

Ernest (Spud) Pridham
13 June 2014

Ralph A Kelly
6 Aug. 2014

John Schumacher
2 Dec. 2014

Douglas Stewart
1 January 2015

(Al) Allan Leslie
6 March 2015

Donald Publicover
4 May 2015  

George G. AuCoin
19 May 2015  

Fernand "Pedro" Guinard  
18 June 2015

Moody; Harold Samuel
28 August 2015

Nova Scotia
Admiral Desmond Piers
Memorial Scholarships

The Admiral Desmond Piers
Memorial Scholarship Trust,
established by former ADPNA
Patron Mrs Janet Piers,
together with the ADPNA, award
Scholarships annually for Sea
Cadets enrolled in Corps
located in Lunenburg,
Shelburne Yarmouth , Queens
Counties and the Cornwallis

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Fall 2012
Janet Piers
Fall 2014
Important Death
Benefit Info.

Dear Veterans,

The following information is
provided to assist Veterans
Families. After the death of a
Veteran you should insure that
you have copies of the last will,
birth certificate, death certificate
and Marriage certificate.
If you wish to have a Veteran
buried at Sea, you are advised to
contact any Base/Station and
speak to a Padre/Priest.
The following information is also

•Supplementary death benefits;

•Director Canadian Forces
Pensions service 5; (Ottawa)
Local 613-971-6012
Toll Free 1-800-267-0325

•Old age & CPP security;

•Public service health care plan;

•Pensioner’s dental plan service

•Veterans Affairs Canada.

I hope that this information is
of some
assistance, remember that
phone numbers
can change.
Norman MacIntyre
17 Nov. 2015

Frank Hammond
21 May 2016

Max Croft
20 June 2016

Richard "Doc" Halliday
21 November 2016

Tom Howard
18 July 2017

James Dawe
18 January 2018